We at PSI are passionate about science, one of the key challenges we face in the 21st century is man-made
climate change. Science is the prism through which we understand the impacts of our fossil fuel on the earth, it
is also science that gives us a glimmer of hope. Of alternative technologies, of human societies living in
tandem with the ecosystem. Therefore it is vital that science, science communication, museums and outreach
has at it’s core an understanding of the technical, social, economic and political causes of climate change and an
understanding of where the necessary changes can come from. As part of this belief is our activities relating to
divesting from the past and investing in a survivable, sustainable future for all. As part of this we are part of the
following activities.

  • Drawing attention to conflicts of interest around sponsorship of science and science communication,
    particularly by Fossil Fuel companies. In this, alongside our partners at Art not Oil we have been campaigning
    around the Science Museum’s use of sponsorship from companies such as Shell, BP and StatOil whose own
    business plans directly contradict the scientific consensus and wish to limit the average warming to 2°C. For
    More details, see here.
  • Highlighting issues in direction and funding of academic scientific research in terms of what
    technologies and societies are compatible with a sustainable civilisation.
  • Production of materials to communicate the science of climate change and societal and technological
    issues around prevention and mitigation of the effects of climate change.