The Progressive Science Institute

We are an inclusive group of PhD students, scientists and those who have an interest in science who believe science should not purport to be separate from many of the political, economic and social realities which play a huge role in all our lives. We aim to challenge the belief that ‘science is neutral’ and encourage scientists and the public to engage with the scientific process in a way which makes it clear that those who do scientific research must consider the societal implications of their work. We believe in making science more open and publicly accountable, thereby ensuring it is used for the public interest. 

PSI was inspired by BSSRS, the radical science movement that began in the 1970s in response to issues such as scientists being involved in the manufacture of chemical and biological weapons. Like BSSRS, we have created Working Groups which will work largely autonomously towards the values and ideals of our members. We are a democratic organisation, with decisions regarding funding and the larger direction of the organisation being taken by members.

We are building a network of members and Working Groups who will run events and campaigns related to our aims, as well as writing and recording content to share information and ideas. PSI will also act as a hub for science consulting in cases regarding issues often overlooked by science or in communities with little of no access to scientific knowledge or expertise.