The PSI Ethos

Science should be aware of the wider impact it has on society and should be used to better the lives of all.

Science is not neutral. The questions it asks are subject to political, social and economic pressures which can influence the outcome of scientific endeavour.

Wider engagement with science is vital in order to create an informed public and improve scientific output.

Science transcends cultural and societal boundaries and will always thrive on collaboration between those with diverse backgrounds and views.

PSI’s Aims

To promote awareness of PSI’s Ethos and Beliefs using an evidence based approach and to fight for a better science and a better future.

To provide a far-reaching platform for scientists to discuss issues surrounding their work and wider society.

To launch and be involved with effective campaigns whose goals reflect and promote the PSI ethos.

Aim to help improve the public understanding of science through wide-reaching engagement. In particular highlighting science which may have consequences for public policy. To encourage the involvement of non-scientists in the scientific process.

To collate, research and share data relevant to furthering our Aims and Ethos.