PSI is about embedding science into society and that can’t be done from the armchair. Below we outline some of the key areas where members are active, more to come.


Climate Change and fighting for a sustainable civilisation.

Fighting for proper funding of the research and technologies we need to tackle climate change. This includes issues of divestment, research funding and social change.

Science as a Workplace

Looking at issues surrounding scientific workplaces including race, sex and other discrimination alongside issues of wellbeing, such as mental health.

Science in society

Encouraging scientists to understand and engage with issues in society. This includes talks aimed at scientists on the refugee crisis and education around politics and society.

Scientific Careers

Examining the wealth of opportunities a science background can be applied to, fuelled by a feeling that the standard arms, fossil fuels and finance options are often given primacy at the cost of exploring other options. Particular focus on applying science and technology in a social justice setting.